Brief Case T-L5150

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This is a different briefcase. Firstly , its fabric is different from the previous briefcase. The common?briefcase is made of leather or nylon. This briefcase is made of cation Oxford fabric, which makes the bag look neat and retro with vertical stripe lines.

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The opening design of this briefcase is round zipper, which can open 180 degrees ,and the design inside is very novel and practical. When using the computer, the elastic belt on both sides can play a bracket role, with a built-in tablet compartment , equipped with wide elastic binding belt, shockproof and protect the laptop?effectively.There are also many pockets, which are suitable for mobile phones, rechargeable batteries, wallets, laptops, books and other items. In addition, there are different sizes of net bags, so that the items that need to be accessed can be seen at a glance, which is very convenient.

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: TIGERNU
Model Number T-L5150
Type: Brief Case
Color: Brown
Packing: 14PCS
Size: For 14 inches
Style: Business
Fit in Laptop size: Fit for 13 inches
Material: Splashproof&scratch resistant 300D Cationic Oxford
Logo: Embroidery
Usage: Business
Feature: Splashproof

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